Config OpenVPN Tsel Unlimited Andro IOS PC

Config OpenVPN Tsel Unlimited Andro IOS PC

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Config OpenVPN Tsel Unlimited Andro IOS PC
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  • Create Date September 28, 2020
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Config OpenVPN Tsel Unlimited Andro IOS PC - This article will discuss in full and briefly how to use OpenVPN Tsel Unlimited Config Andro IOS PC.

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a connection that connects various networks on the internet for a certain area. By using a VPN, your identity will be protected and also prevented from being blocked.

In addition, other benefits of a VPN are being able to enjoy fast connections from foreign servers, access blocked internet, watch movies, and provide security in using public Wi-Fi.

Another purpose of using a VPN is that it can be used for free internet tricks. The difference between using a VPN in general and using a VPN for free internet only lies in the configuration.

The OpenVPN config that is used in general is usually still the default from the OpenVPN site provider itself. However, OpenVPN Config for free internet tricks has been edited usually by entering the payload, active bughostSNI and squidproxy.

In this article we have also prepared an OpenVPN Config for Tsel Unlimited. Follow step by step to make it easier for you to understand.

Tutorial For Config OpenVPN Tsel Unlimited Andro IOS PC


For Key or Password Download Please Message to admin via Telegram:

How to Get KEY or Password Download:

Please mention the inject name or post link to the admin when asking for the key so that the admin isn't wrong when giving the key or password download.

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